List of Words That Start With Letter 'D' For Children (2024)

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English is a globally used and accepted language. Schools put in extra effort into making children love this language. From the very beginning, teachers give additional emphasis to teaching students phonics. Once a child has mastered phonics, they don’t need to mug up spellings. Instead, they will be able to understand the spellings of common words by sounding them out. Creating spellings through sound is the new way of learning words. There are a large number of books available, even for infants. You must have seen “My First Set Of Books’ in bookstores. Parents often introduce such books to their 1-year-old kids to get them interested in reading. This lays the foundation of language and vocabulary from an early age. Building your child’s vocabulary when they are young makes it easier for them to express themselves. Children come across several objects and common things in their daily life and would enjoy learning their names and spellings. Let us look at some of these words that begin with the letter D.


There is not much variation in the sound of the letter D. Thus, it is called a reliable letter. This makes it easier for your child to comprehend the sound of words that begin with D. Children do not get confused with the spellings and pronunciation of these words. The sound of the letter D is usually ‘duh’ as in words like den or bad. Letter D changes its sound when it appears in between the word, combined with other letters like e and g. But here, we’ll be learning words that begin with the letter D. Let’s get started!


List Of Words That Begin With ‘D’

We have curated a list of common words that start with the letter D. These words often come up in day-to-day conversations. The terms are easier to grasp and help your child develop an interest in the language. Let your child write these down and memorise them. Or else, just read these words aloud in front of them. Once they get familiar with and understand the meaning of these words, it will get easier for them to pick up new words. They might start reading on their own too!


Here are some easy words that start with D:


Words that Start with D For kindergarten And Preschool Kids

Although the previous list has short words that are easy to understand and spell for kindergarten kids, here are some more words that preschoolers and kindergarten kids should learn:


2 Letter Words That Start With D

Here’s the list of D two-letter words:


3 Letter Words That Start With D

Next is the list of D three-letter words:



Words With D For Lower Primary Kids

By now, you must introduce your children to some new words. They might already know some words with bigger spellings. You can introduce your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd standard children to a little lengthier words. So, let us introduce them to more words and make learning fun!

4 Letter Words That Start With D

Here are some four-letter words for your child to learn:



5 Letter Words That Start With D

Next is the list of 5 Letter words for your learning kid:


6 Letter Words That Start With D

To boost your child’s vocabulary further, here are some six letter words:



7 Letter Words That Start With D

As children grow, let’s introduce them to some seven-letter words as well:


Cool Words That Start with the Letter D for Kids

Building a robust vocabulary becomes easy when introducing children to early childhood books. Time-to-time you need to introduce them to newer words that further help in boosting their language. Ask them to read kids’ magazines and a little bit of newspaper daily. They can read the headlines, at least. You can pick alphabets each day and read the words starting with that alphabet to them. Practice reading for a few days to let the child register. Here are somecool D words. By cool, we mean some quirky yet important words for a child’s vocabulary:



Positive Words That Start With Letter D for Children

When you speak well, you feel good. You cannot attain happiness; you have to create it yourself. Ask your child to talk positively. Using some beautiful adjectives might make the other person’s day, and you will feel happy. There are major advantages if your children speak. It will let them connect with good people. It boosts brainpower and confidence. The child feels good about himself and is loved by one and all. Somepositive D wordsthat your child should know are:


More Words That Start With The Letter D

When you start loving a language, the more words you know, the better it is. There is so much to learn that you can make your child learn a new word to improve their vocabulary each day. Here are some common nouns that start with D that we are sure your child will love to learn. We have presented these words in different categories like things, animals, and places so that it becomes easy to remember:


Things Names That Start With D


Named Od Animals That Start With D


Places Names That Start With D


Activities That Will Help Your Child to Learn Words With The Letter D

Making the child learn new words can be challenging at times. Even adults find it difficult to memorise words and put them to use when required. But when children learn newer words from an early age, their excitement will enable them to understand better. For achieving that you as a parent will have come up with fun ways to keep them interested in learning new words. Choose an alphabet every day, and read aloud new words with that letter. Indulging in some interesting activities can help the child learn more easily. Try these activities to learn words with the letter D:

1. The doughnut activity

Ask your child to take some craft sheets. Let them cut out oval shapes from them and make small holes in between to make them look like doughnuts. Ask them to decorate the doughnuts with their favourite things like glitter, beads, stickers or simply colour pencils. Introduce them to words like Doughnut, Dessert, Decorations, and draw in this fun way!

2. The desert activity

Take a sketchbook and try drawing a desert with your children. Colour the picture, and show them the ship of the desert: Camel. These depictions will help the child learn and understand the word ‘desert’ conceptually.

3. The rubber ducks

Arrange some rubber duck toys during bath time. Watch your kid play with them while letting them know the name of the animal Duck. Ask them to try and spell Duck based on the sound of the word. Add for fun to this activity by making quacking sounds similar to a duck.

4. Dinosaur cut-outs

Take craft sheets and draw dinosaurs over them. Cut the dinosaurs out of the sheet. While cutting out the dinosaur, make the child memorise the word. It might be a little difficult word for the child. But since children are early learners, they’ll learn soon! Moreover, dinosaurs are fascinating creatures for children and they will be excited to learn about them.

Several websites offer a number of activity sheets for kids to learn such concepts. For KG kids, there are activities to match a word to its corresponding picture. There are colouring sheets with letters, words and outlines of objects that start with that letter to colour in. Check out these activities and make your child learn some new words from D.

There are a lot of words starting with D that your child might use in day to day conversation. They will also read many of these words in their books. The best way to learn lots of new words is to inculcate the habit of reading from childhood. We had tried and included all types of words that might interest a pre-schooler, KG, or a primary class kid in these lists above. Let your child make a list of their own as they spot more and more things around that that start with D!

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List of Words That Start With Letter 'D' For Children (2024)
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