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Earlier this month DeviantART released a new online drawing app called Muro. The app is HTML5 based, so you can draw with it on your laptop and desktop, and you can also use it on those popular mobile devices which don’t support Flash (specifically thinking of the iPad here).You can see the browser based interface below which is pretty straightforward. Users can choose from a number of brushes, colours and gradients to paint with. The application includes layers and opacity settings making it much easier to create your masterpiece. The basic drawing tools include draw, eraser, flood fill, eye dropper, color wheel tools supports opacity , size, softness , threshold and effect options. There are a number of filters which include blurring, sharpening, darkening, lightening and desaturation. The application is free for both “basic” and “pro” modes. The main difference that I could see between these modes is that in Pro mode you can see a Navigator or Zoom palette and a Layers palette.Muro is directly integrated with DeviantART so if you’re a member as soon as you’ve created something it can be added to your portfolio. The plan from DeviantART is to continue developing the application over time. If you enjoy drawing programs, this one is very easy to use and has some very nice brush effects. If you own a Wacom tablet you can download a free plugin.Muro is not a threat to Photoshop just yet. It is probably more closely akin to Aviary, which is also free but has more features. These types of applications will probably become very useful for designers and artists in the coming years.Here’s some examples of artwork created in Muro.Is it really coming? by NorkeThey’re coming by Trenchmaker The future is coming by Neuvemono Have you tried Muro yet? What did you think of it?

Frequently Asked Questions about DeviantArt Muro

What are the unique features of DeviantArt Muro?

DeviantArt Muro is a high-quality, web-based drawing tool that offers a wide range of features. It provides over 20 brushes, each with its own unique style and texture. The tool also allows users to create layers, which can be individually edited and adjusted. This feature is particularly useful for complex drawings. Additionally, DeviantArt Muro supports pressure sensitivity, which can be used to create more detailed and realistic drawings.

Is DeviantArt Muro free to use?

Yes, DeviantArt Muro is free to use. However, there is a premium version available, known as Muro Pro, which offers additional features such as more brushes and the ability to create more layers.

How can I access DeviantArt Muro?

DeviantArt Muro can be accessed directly from the DeviantArt website. Simply log in to your DeviantArt account and click on the ‘Draw with Muro’ button. This will open the Muro drawing tool in a new window.

Can I share my DeviantArt Muro drawings on other platforms?

Yes, you can share your DeviantArt Muro drawings on other platforms. Once you have completed your drawing, you can save it to your DeviantArt gallery and then share the link on other social media platforms.

Can I use DeviantArt Muro on my mobile device?

Currently, DeviantArt Muro is a web-based tool and is best used on a desktop or laptop computer. However, it can be used on some mobile devices, although the functionality may be limited.

How can I improve my drawing skills using DeviantArt Muro?

DeviantArt Muro offers a range of features that can help you improve your drawing skills. The tool’s pressure sensitivity feature can help you create more detailed and realistic drawings. Additionally, the ability to create layers allows you to experiment with different techniques and styles.

What is the difference between DeviantArt Muro and Muro Pro?

Muro Pro is the premium version of DeviantArt Muro. It offers additional features such as more brushes and the ability to create more layers.

Can I collaborate with other artists on DeviantArt Muro?

Currently, DeviantArt Muro does not support collaborative drawing. However, you can share your drawings with other users and receive feedback and suggestions.

How can I save my drawings on DeviantArt Muro?

Once you have completed your drawing, you can save it to your DeviantArt gallery by clicking on the ‘Save’ button. You can then access your saved drawings at any time from your gallery.

Can I use DeviantArt Muro for professional work?

Yes, DeviantArt Muro is a high-quality drawing tool that can be used for professional work. The tool’s range of features, including pressure sensitivity and the ability to create layers, make it suitable for creating detailed and complex drawings.

Muro: New Drawing App From DeviantART — SitePoint (2024)
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