The 10 Best Places to Play Pickleball in Naples, FL - Pickleballground (2024)

The 10 Best Places to Play Pickleball in Naples, FL - Pickleballground (1)

Located in Southwest Florida on the Gulf of Mexico, Naples is a beautiful seaside town. Known for its beautiful beaches, plentiful fishing, and awesome dolphin sightings, there’s never a lack of relaxing activities.

From the beautiful boutique shops, upscale dining to art galleries and strolls to view the unique architectural designs. It’s a tourist’s dream.

But what if you’re looking for something more exhilarating and athletic? Naples offers some of the best pickleball courts, not only in Florida, but in the United States.

Pickleball has emerged as one of the top recreational activities in North America in recent years. With rules that combine the best of tennis, badminton, and ping pong, pickleball is an extremely engaging and addictive sport.

It’s competitive enough to be loads of fun, yet laid back enough for everyone of all athletic skill levels to try. If you’re looking for places to enjoy pickleball in Naples, FL, look no further.

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1.Fleischman Park

With a yearly membership fee of $25 and a drop in guest fee of $5 a day, Fleischman Park is an affordable and convenient place to get to a pickleball game. There are 6 newly lined, state of the art courts. The center has equipment to lend out if you don’t have your own. All are welcome.

Play is offered year round and is determined by rank. In addition to pickleball, this 15 acre park offers a vast array of other recreational activities and amenities. There are two picnic pavilions available for parties or just to sit and eat lunch. The on-site community center has a dance studio, a game room, and offers many classes including martial arts and fine art. Volleyball courts, a skate park, and 2 playgrounds are also available to the public. Access to the beach can also be had through the park.

2.Naples Pickleball Center

Known as the pickleball capital of the world, Naples Pickleball center had it all. It’s the largest pickleball facility in one spot with 80 courts. There’s a pro shop on sight with top flight equipment and clothing to get you streamlined for the game. Open play is available on a daily basis. There is free equipment for members to use and a small $5 fee for non-members.

Private and skill lessons are given by resident pickleball pros. The center is home to the US Open Pickleball Championships. Courts are not reserved. Everyone is put on a whiteboard and called when it is your turn. No partner, no problem, they will match you up. Membership is $50 per year. It’s some of the bestPickleball Naples FLhas to offer.

3.Greater Naples YMCA

With 4 indoor courts, the Y is a great place to come to get in a game while staying out of the sun. All skill levels are welcome to play and find a partner if you need one. Beginners can join during open play times on Mondays and Wednesdays. Reservations are needed and there is a $5 fee.

Stick around after pickleball and take part in one of the many other activities offered, like swimming, water volleyball, yoga, or a cooking class. Consider volunteering at one of the food pantries or soup kitchens to help out those in need in the Naples area.

4.Veterans Community Park

This lovely family-friendly park is also home to 14 pickle ball courts. 8 of them have lights, so you can play well into the evening. Open-playing times are available where you can pick up a partner or two for a singles or doubles match.

The park has 2 pavilions and a picnic area. The park also has a hockey rink, a dog park, a shuffleboard area, and a racquet ball court. The community center offers a place to beat the heat and take a class or play in the game room. So it’s a great place to stick around after pickleball and enjoy the day.

5.Pelican Bay Community Park

Pelican Bay Park is a beautiful area with a lake and surrounded by a lagoon. Visitors are welcome to spend the day walking the trails that border the beautiful lake, grabbing a picnic lunch in the pavilion, or a game of pickleball on one of their 8 courts. There is a court fee of $10.60 per person for 90 minutes of court time. Annual membership is available for $400/year. Private lessons are also available for $60 per hour.

In addition to pickleball, the park has bocce and basketball courts, soccer fields, and a playground. If you are into spectator sports, there’s always a baseball or football game happening as well.

6.Pelican Marsh Tennis Club

Pelican Marsh is a racquet club with 9 lighted courts that offers everything you need to enjoy pickleball on a regular basis. From private lessons taught by pros, weekly clinics, to ball machine rentals if you want to hone your skills on your own. For the more serious players, there is a pickleball league offered. Open play is available each morning from 8 to 11am. The on-site pro shop has paddles available to rent. They also offer a matching service if you need a partner. Several pickleball events take place here throughout the year, including social mixers, tournaments, and exhibitions.

7.Arthur L. Allen Tennis Center

Located inside Cambier Park in the unique Old Naples section of town. The Arthur L. Allen Tennis center offers pickleball on 12 different Hydrogrid (artificial clay) courts. The center is professionally staffed and has won several awards for its programs. Clinics, league play, private lessons, junior programs, and social play are all available.

Another great feature is that you’re already inside Cambier Park. You can bring lunch and relax in the park after your game. The park offers over 12 acres of family fun. There is a large play area for children of all ages, water fill stations, and a ton of covered areas to stay out of the sun and dry in case of rain. Weekly concerts and movies are offered at the large amphitheater. Softball, bocce, and basketball courts are open for public use as well.

8.Vineyard Community Park

One of the top park attractions in Naples offers a slew of activities for families. There’s a mini water park for the kids, several pavilions and picnic areas, and, of course, pickleball. There are 4 well lit, cushioned courts surrounded by palm trees. Players are invited to bring their own equipment and arrange their own play, on a first come first serve basis. The park caters to community events as well, such as town wide yard sales, holiday events for the kids, and fundraising walks for various charities.

9.Max A. Haase Community Park

Named for philanthropist Max Haase who was vital in helping to build Naples’ park system, this park is popular due to its central location. You can spend some time in the park, and it’s a few steps to great shopping and dining. Just down the road are some of the beaches that make Naples famous. There is a fitness center for a full workout. For pickleball players, there are 2 illuminated courts available. This spot is great for casual players looking for a friendly game or just wanting to get some practice swings in.

10.Big Corkscrew Island Regional Park

This brand new park is one of the best places to visit while in Naples. It’s 150 acres of state of the art fun. Including a massive playground with zip lines and climbing walls. There are two concession pavilions with solar-powered charging stations. Kayak and canoe launches are open to the public and there is an event lawn with a stage for concerts. Lay in the sun by the lake and just relax. Last but not least, there are 6 brand new artificial clay pickleball courts. Everyone is welcome to bring their own paddles for some casual game play in an awesome park.

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The 10 Best Places to Play Pickleball in Naples, FL - Pickleballground (2024)
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